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Monday, December 14, 2009

A Self Defeating Mentality

Our thoughts really do have an enormous impact on the outcomes of our lives and the decisions that we make. When we choose to think in a positive and uplifting manner, we tend to make better choices and attract better people.....not to mention better opportunities. The reverse is also true. When we are negative and self defeating, it is very easy to watch our lives spiral downward right before our own two eyes. Life is all what we make of it. The world outside starts with the world inside( inside our minds, that is).

Some days it is so easy to remain positive. It is almost effortless. Other days, it takes a conscious effort like no other. It takes repetitive self talk, and convincing of the self just to smile and make it through the day. No matter what it takes, or how easy(or hard) it is, starting and ending the day in a positive manner will always prove to be better than falling victim to a self defeating mentality.

So what is a self defeating mentality? Rather than giving you a lame and sterile dictionary definition, I'll define it as it applies to life and to the self. A self defeating mentality is a negative or hopeless, cyclical thought process in which one only sees their glass( or the glasses of others) as being half-empty. It is a state of mind full of fears, doubts and "I cant's". It is a limitation of the human spirit, of personal achievement and a continuous decline in happiness or quality of life. It is best described as an constant internal struggle in which one defeats oneself. Pretty sad.

The biggest thing that I have learned from going through stages of life with each of these mentalities is: in the end, it's all a choice. It was my choice to think positively, and it was my choice to remain depressed. It was all a matter of how bad I wanted quality of life. At what point was I ready to be strong enough? When would enough be enough? I guess the answer is now. Take care everyone!

See you next time!!!

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