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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Burying the Hatchet

Sometimes we go weeks, months, years, or even a lifetime without expressing how much someone we care about has hurt us. For some, this turns into a dirty little secret, a unique brand of shame, or a skeleton in the closet. For others, this is merely an unspoken tension that only one party may be aware of...maybe it's no secret to anybody. Who knows? The one thing that I do know is that we must all clear the air at some point if we ever want to free ourselves of the burdens of our yesterdays. We must face the pains of our past with bravery so we can live our lives today with peace and tranquility. It is time to bury our hatchets.

I know that I am asking some of you to do the unthinkable....or even the nearly impossible, but it is nothing that I haven't done myself. Today was a very painful, yet very liberating day for me. I had a very intense discussion with a life long friend. I had caused him a lot of pain when we were younger with some of my words and actions.....and he was no saint to me either. Hey, we were young and dumb...but that's not the point. When people don't talk about things, trauma hides beneath the surface for years and years, eating away at our souls and at our subconscious mind, consuming our thoughts during moments during our private moments, and even getting in our way when we're amongst good company. Needless to say, we had a few apologies to make today. Digging up the past sure hurt, but cleansing old wounds made both of us better men. This was our day of atonement. This was the day we buried the hatchet.

See you next time!

Monday, June 29, 2009

The Hamsterwheel of Unhappiness

Have you ever been in the presence of someone that had tons of money, a great looking spouse, plenty of free time, a great career, and nothing in the world to complain about, yet they were completely dissatisfied with their life? In contrast, have you ever been in the presence of someone who barely had a dime to their name, worked an average job, rarely ever got a vacation to go to a "no name" motel somewhere completely unheard of, yet they didn't have this"poor me" or "Life's hard right now" or "I won't be satisfied until or unless" type of attitude?

If you have walked a mile in my shoes(which is not much to speak of), then you have met both types of people somewhere along the way.....several times. So what's the difference? The person in the first example never learned to be satisfied with themselves or their circumstances under simple conditions. They will always be a rodent on a hamsterwheel, chasing a desired outcome that they expect will make them happy or that will solve all of their deeper rooted life issues. Unfortunately, they will just keep running. Yes, they will be running in forward motion, and they will be productive, but they will rarely find themselves to be content when the show is over and they're left alone to their own thoughts. The second person, has found the good in simple things. This individual cherishes their family, their friends, their spouse, kids,and their pets. They also take pride in the modest posessions that they do have, rather than complaining that "The Jones' " have something newer or nicer. This person will climb the ranks at a slower pace in life, but will reach their goals with much greater satisfaction in the end. Why? Simply because they have not been running on an endless hamsterwheel their entire lives.....a cycle that one day may be impossible to break.

Don't live your lives chasing a carrot on a string or running on the hamsterwheel of unhappiness. Rest assured you'll get where you're going if you put in the effort that is required of you. Oh, and if the Jones' have something better than what. There will always be someone taller, smarter, better looking, wealthier, or in posession of something that you want. That's life. Is it really worth dying 35 years early because you had to get where you were going faster than the next guy? I sure hope not. Take care of yourselves...and stay off of the hamsterwheel.

See you next time!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Those Who Create

There is an indescribable feeling one gets when they know that they have finished creating something worthwhile. Creations are sometimes tangible objects like model railway cars or jigsaw puzzles....sometimes they are not. Sometimes, a creation is a beautiful vocal line that someone has spent all day rehearsing in their heads, or an idea inside of someone that developed into a masterpiece theatre showing fit only for the likes of broadway.

No matter what the creation is, there is a sense of joy upon completing it. The best way I can describe it is like an intense stress release that no exercise session can mimic, a release of built up tension that no one ever really knew was there, a satisfaction that is subtle yet epic..... a sense of well being, a sense of relief.

Sometimes it baffles me that so many people never tap into their creative sides. They merely sit in front of a TV and occasionally they exercise. The rest of their lives consist of eat, sleep, work. These individuals without hobbies or creative outlets tend to be aggressive, depressed, neurotic, or just downright bored with life (at least that is how I have observed them). Their only release from this tension and monotony will be the occasional Friday night of binge drinking and yelling "whew!, whew! whew!" all night long, only to end up miserable the next day. Those with hobbies and creative outlets, tend to be able to express themselves better on a regular basis, rather than being plagued by negative thoughts or extreme boredom. Yes, there are plenty of creative people who are" a couple sandwiches short of a picnic" as well, but they have provided themselves with an outlet to go to before they lose their marbles.

So where would I be without my guitar or my pen and paper? I would be lost inside the depths of my own mind...... just like most of the world is. Who knows? I may even be pounding my head against a thick rubber floor somewhere very institutional right now. Lucky for me, I won't ever have to find out. The rest of you may be on the road to a midlife crisis.....or a beautiful future filled with happiness and balance. This will all depend on the choices you make. Take care everyone.

See you next time!

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Nothing in this world is more important to me than family. Nothing. My mom, my dad, my brother and my two dogs hold a special place in my heart that words just can not describe.

Right now, my parents are in town visiting my brother and I from Florida. There is nothing like seeing their faces, their smiles and their warm gestures as they share their world(s) with us. I absolutely love having dinner with my family. My dad always has the most fascinating stories and life experiences to share, my mom is always so warm and easy going, and my brother is just great.....he has so much personality it just fills up the room.

I could not ask for a better set of parents or a better brother. I truely have been blessed. They are one of my biggest sources of happiness. When my family is happy, I am happy....and the reverse is also true.

I would like to conclude this posting by thanking my family for everything they have done for me over the years. Thanks for being there when I needed you and even when I didn't. Thank you for being such great friends. I love you guys!

See you next time!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson

Few things in this world disturb us more than the loss of our innocence. Today, Michael Jackson died. To me, Michael was a symbol of my innocence.

I remember getting my first Michael Jackson tape from a neighbor when I was only 6yrs old. I lived in a small apartment complex in Bloomington, Indiana at the time, and my family was just getting started in this world. It was merely yesterday....or so it seems. My friends and I would blast the song 'Bad' and ride our bikes and skateboards around until the sun went down.

My family later moved to Akron, Ohio. This is where I had some of my fondest Michael Jackson memories. My younger brother and I were only seven and five at the time, so we were not allowed to watch MTV. Oh well, rules never seemed to stop us. We would to sneak down into the basement, turn the TV on with the sound on really low, and wait for the 'Smooth Criminal' video to come on. We would go crazy when it finally aired each time. To see Michael Jackson do his signature dance moves was amazing. He had such talent. The songs were great, the singing was great, and the videos were nothing short of amazing. This guy was truely the King of Pop.

Through ups and downs, good times and bad, Michael's career just kept moving along. He has had so much good press and unfortunately, so much bad press as well. That being said, there really is no stopping a legend until the day he says "Enough". Well, today was that day. Today was the day that Michael Jackson died.....and so did one more precious piece of my childhood.I guess this is my final farewell to the King of Pop. May he rest in peace.

Mental Blocks

Recently, I've been much more honest with myself than in the past. I've realized that a lot of the reasons for the things that I am not satisfied with are due to mental blocks.

Mental blocks usually manifest themselves as procrastination, denial, anxiety, confusion, resentment, or something else of similar nature. We usually have these mental blocks to guard us ..... usually from something like a feeling or emotion that we are not yet ready to face. Eventually, some form of emotional repression takes its course. Now, we have trouble making phone calls to old friends, starting new projects, moving to new places, or getting over childhood fears.

Frankly, the best way to liberate yourself from these roadblocks, is to stop being so stubborn or scared. Face your fears or aversions head on. Don't attck with bulging eyes and sheer agression. Face them with composure and a relaxed disposition. Soon, very little will bother you or stand in your way, and mental blocks will become a thing of the past.

See you next time!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Why is it that people are always making excuses these days? Everywhere I turn someone is always pointing a finger, shifting the blame, or refusing to take responsiblity. This seems to be an era of really big babies walking around in suits, ties and hard hats. What ever happened to self accountability? What ever happened to having a "pair"? Things are getting ridiculous.

When I want a healthy dose of whining and excusing making, I'll take a group of sixteen 1st graders to a prize winning competition. I can expect to hear a bunch of kids blaming each other for their poor placings or shifting the blame to the fat kid when someone rips a fart on the bus. When I am around a group of adults my age or older, it blows my mind that they are just like a group of kids, only with money, power and a little more education. In fact, if you photoshopped the toddlers faces on the adults bodies, the personalities would often fit.

Wake up and smell the coffee. We can blame people for everything that goes wrong in this world or in our lives, but little is getting solved. We can blame a politcian or investment group for the condition our economy is in right now, but that is water under the bridge. It will waste time and effort ,and therefore will not solve the problem. It will only delay the drafting of new solutions. We can blame our superiors at the office for giving a co-worker an "undeserved" promotion that we should have obviously recieved by now, or we can start finding ways to advance our career at other firms. Hey, this is no longer the era of the golden watch anymore. Quit complaining and start moving forward.

Let's have some self respect people. Take responsibilty for your actions. Quit blaming others in an attempt to make yourself look better. You're not fooling anybody but yourself. Point the finger where it belongs and watch the world around you transform. Thanks for reading.

See you next time!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Voyage of the Explorers

Have you ever dreamed of taking a year off of work and seeing the world? Now you can...if you can cough up a quarter mil. It appears that a very unique cruise line called 'Cruise West' is offerring this once in a lifetime vacation priced at about $235,000 per person.

The cruise line has named the extended getaway 'The Voyage of the Explorers'. Vacationers depart out of Singapore in March 2010 on this 120 person ship(much more modest in size than most cruise liners). The vessel does not return to Singapore until February of 2011.

So where does this fantastic celebrity-style voyage go? Absolutely everywhere. If you are fortunate enough to get on board, you will be sailing around Asia, the Middle East, the Carribean, Iceland and Greenland, the Panama Canal, Australia, and maybe even a few places no one has even discovered. This is 'The Voyage of the Explorers', right?

Anyway, if you are interested in signing up, go to I just watched the video myself. It looks amazing! Well, that's it for now. Bon voyage!

See you next time!

Friday, June 19, 2009

The Burke Brothers

A couple of months ago my brother and I decided to start up a small business. After a few years of tossing around ideas that just didn't seem to work, we finally decided to buy a hot dog cart.

Although the business itself was the best thing we ever decided to do for ourselves, we got sold a brand new cart that fell apart within a few local car rides. First one propane knob fell off, then another, then the grill itself fell apart due to the vibrations while on the road(some companies are famous for these problems (AAA hot dog carts and a few others)). After being faced with this dilemma, we called the guy who built the cart and told him the problem. At first, he seemed like he was going to help. He promised to send out the part the next morning. He didn't. A week went by and still no part. We had an event to do, so we did it.....even with no valve or knob. Hey, we had to meet a commitment to a client...valve or no valve. When we arrived, we set our up our cart and got our items ready for sale. Next, we turned the left burner on(which still had the valve stem) and everything worked fine, but when we turned the right one on, the cart turned into a flame thrower! Fire was shooting out of the front of our cart. It was unreal. This was a safety hazard for everyone.....especially us. Sure enough, by the end of the day, I burned my hand rather severely and my brother lost half of the hair on his arm. We called the guy and told him he sold us a defective cart and that I had burned by hand....and he just said "Nope." and hung up the phone. He was not going to even send the part or fix the problem....and this was the owner of the business. Nice, huh?

Okay, so he obviously wasn't going to help. We had to find some kind of solution, so we called a few grill repair places around town and we were finally referred to a local hardware store with outstanding customer service. We were pleasantly surprised. The guys at Burke Brothers completely gutted, repaired and fortified our cart that day. It works better than we ever imagined. When we originally called Burke Brothers(, they gave us a time to come down there, and they were ready. Their store was hopping with business, but they were so organized, that we never had to wait. They were good for their word on time, labor, price and quality of service. We will definitely go back there again ourselves and recommend them to others. I can't say the same for the hot dog guy.

So what was the point of this blog? Was is to tell you all about my hot dog business? To complain about the guy who sold us our cart? To compliment the Burke Brothers? None of the above. The take home message is..... be good for your word, do what's right and take the time to care about others. Cheers to the Burke Brothers! Thanks again guys!

See you next time! (

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Do any of you remember what it was like to be a kid? Life was simple, doors were open and you could be anything you wanted to be. Some of you were going to be astronauts, sports stars, doctors, lawyers and singers......every kid had a dream.

So where are you today? Have you achieved your childhood dream or did someone convince you that it was foolish somewhere along the way? Were we ever so great at something that we could have gone all the way? Of course we why didn't we? Did we just become disinterested or did our lives merely become more complete and balanced as adults?

Well, there are a million questions we could ask, but the truth is.....dreams never die. Chase them in anyway you can without hurting your loved ones. What am I really saying? Get off of your lazy butt and start trying! Otherwise there will come a day that you are too old and you will really wish you had. Just ask your Granny...."If I was your age again I would.........(blah-blah-blah)" She'll tell you.

So, dare to dream people and please do not forget... who you once wanted to be is who you may one day become. All it takes is one dream and a little push to get there. Stay positive and never give up! I can't wait to hear your success stories!

Best of luck everyone!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Hangover

Last night I posted the best new movies ready to hit the big screen in 2009. Tonight, I had the pleasure of going to the theater and catching one film that had already made it there. 'The Hangover' starring Bradley Cooper, Heather Graham and Zach Galifianakis was the best comedy I have seen all year. Maybe one of the best comedies in a long time. It was somewhat similar to 'Road Trip' (with Tom Green) , but with a totally different plot. The best part of this movie was listening to audience members laughing out loud the entire time. This is a must see for comedy fans.

So what was the movie about? Without revealing too much.......'The Hangover' is about a group of friends that skip town for Vegas for a friend's bachelor party. Each friend is wild and crazy in a very unique way(some much more obvious than the least at first). They are having the time of their lives until they notice that the groom has mysteriously vanished. The worst part is, they have no clue what happened last night or where to start looking.

This one is definitely worth checking out if you're into comedies. It can be a bit outrageous at times, so be careful who you bring as your date. My advice is go with a group of friends. You'll have a blast! I hope you like 'The Hangover' as much as I did.

Take care!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Movies to look for in 2009

This is a great year to go to the movies ladies and gentleman. Several blockbuster hits have already made their way to the big screen, and many more new releases are on the way. Whether you like Adam Sandler, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon or Sacha Baron Cohen, this year will bring everyone to the movies at least once. So what's playing? ......

June 12th is opening day for 'The Taking of Pelham 123' starring: Denzel Washington, John Travolta and James Gandolfini. This movie has an intense kidnap and ransom plot to it that takes place aboard a NYC subway train. This is a fast paced thriller you won't want to miss.

Next in line is 'Public Enemies' featuring Johnny Depp and Christian Bale. The plot takes place in the Depression Era of the 1930's. Christian Bale plays an FBI agent, while Depp plays the role of an American gangster. Can the FBI tame Johnny Depp or will he prove to be the ultimate gangster?

Okay, here's where things get a little outrageous. If any of you have ever seen Borat, then you are already familiar with Sacha Baron Cohen. He is at it again in his new movie 'Bruno' where he plays the role of a gay Austrian fashion reporter. The plot behind this movie is similar yet different than Borat. It is similar in that it is filmed with the same "candid camera" style, but different in that his role in the film is is to make heterosexual men uncomfortable on camera. Very uncomfortable.

Here's the one many of you have been waiting for. The new Harry Potter is coming to the big screen July 17th. 'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince' starring Daniel Radcliffe is the 6th of the series. Will this be the big showdown between Harry and Voldemort? This appears to be the most anticipated movie yet. Not only is it rumored to have the best content, but its release was also delayed for an entire year. Well, it has finally arrived Potter fans. Enjoy!

'Funny People' starring Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen hits movie theaters across America on July 31st. In this film Sandler plays a popular stand-up comic with no close friends. He finds out he has a blood disorder and little time for his show to go on....maybe even his life. One night Seth Rogen another comedian catches his eye. He befriends him, hires him as his assistant and opening act. Both learn very valuable lessons from one another about life, love, happiness and so much more. Check it out.

Hey ladies! Brad Pitt is coming to a box office near you on August 21st. I'm sorry to break the news, this is no weepy love story where Brad chases his long lost love across the four corners of the Earth. 'Inglorious Basterds' takes place in Europe during WWII. This is a tale of Jewish-American soldiers trying to escape the Nazis and also the tale of a young Jewish woman seeking retribution for the loss of her mother and father. This film was directed by Quentin Tarantino.

The last movie on the list for 2009 appears to be excellent. 'The Informant' starring Matt Damon will be coming to a theater near you on September 18th. Matt has really gained some weight for his role in this film as an overweight corporate-whistle blower. Is Matt Damon really a good guy or is he just ratting to save his own skin? Find out this September.

See you next time!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Outer Banks

It is now 11 o'clock at night and the last day of vacation here in Ocracoke Island. My girlfriend and I have had a wonderful trip, so I figured I'd share our experience with all of my readers. Here goes..... I hope you all enjoy!

Early Thursday morning we left home in central North Carolina to catch an ferry at Swan Quarter. The ferry ride was very pleasant, but almost three hours long. Considering we had been up since 5am, this made for a hell of a morning. That being said, we finally arrived in Ocracoke around lunch time. We checked into a wonderful bed and breakfast called Ocracoke Beach House(go to for more details). This place was perfect. The hosts Warren and Carol were very friendly and accomodating. The rooms were clean and quiet, and the best restaurant on the island(Cafe Atlantic) was right next door. On Friday evening we had the pleasure of dining there. I had the special that night, which was grilled mahi-mahi over asparagus covered in a light lemon-parmesan sauce. My girlfriend got a seafood platter that included clams casino, mussels, shrimp, tuna, and one or two other items. It was huge! To top off a great meal, we split a piece of chocolate peanut butter pie for desert.

Now that you've had a small taste of the food and accomodations, let me tell you about the beaches. There is no place like Ocracoke....not even elswhere on the Outer Banks. The beaches of Ocracoke provide the perfect peaceful vacation for both families and couples(however, I would go somewhere else if I was a single guy looking to party). The beaches here have the softest, whitest sand I have ever seen or felt. I spent over ten years of my life in Southwest Florida, so have a pretty good frame of reference to judge from. If I had to pick one thing that I loved the most about going to the beach here, it would have to be the solitude. There were a few times we even found ourselves alone on the beach. The nearest human beings had to have been a mile or more away. Once, we couldn't even spot a soul. It became our own private paradise. There was nothing like it. The beaches weren't always dead, but they were always quiet. There were never more than a few families or couples out at a time, and everyone was very friendly or just kept to themselves. This was not your typical tourist trap. This was like crawling into a postcard called "Paradise".

Well, I hope I've given you a good idea for your next vacation. I've got to get going now. Its time for us to go on our last midnight walk on the beaches of Ocracoke. I hope everyone has enjoyed this. Take a snapshot of your favorite vacation and send it to me(post it on this website). I'd love to hear from you!

See you next time!

Friday, June 12, 2009


About a year ago I moved to a big city many, many miles from anything or anyone I knew. All that I had with me was my two dogs, my guitar and a few belongings. My brother and his fiancee would be moving just around the block from me within a few weeks, but once again, none of us had another friend here besides each other. Over the past ten months we have met many nice people, but few have really become the type of friends that we were used to having. I was particularly reminded of this when my best friend came to visit me all the way from Florida last week. We had a blast. We laughed and talked the entire time. There was never a dull or awkward moment. When he left to catch his flight, it truely reminded me how special a friend really is and how fortunate I am to have one.

Do you want to know what a real friend is? A real friend is a person who you can always count on. They will be there during good times, bad times, happy times, sad times, fun times and even when things are just plain dull. They don't care what you look like, what you drive, how much money you have, what other people or friends think of you, or, if you're "cool" or not. They don't care if you're fat or skinny, what race or religion you are, or what your gender is. A real friend is a compassionate, understanding individual that realizes human goodness comes in all shapes and sizes. Do you have what it takes to be a real friend? Have you been a good friend to others or do you owe someone an apology? Do the people you surround yourself with act like real friends or do you just hang out with them because they call or because you're lonely and bored?

Take some time to think. Answering these questions can improve the quality of your life and the lives of others dramatically. Quit being selfish. Quit letting others be selfish. Answer your phone. Give an old friend a second chance. Don't be so quick to judge the "dork" , the "dumb football player" or "the fat kid". You just might find they are the coolest friend(s) you've ever had.

In closing I'll leave you with a line from the song "Live like you were dying" by Tim McGraw. He says".... I became a friend a friend would like to have." So guys, start being the type of friend that a friend would like to have. Be a real friend like my buddy Colin or my brother Noah. Just be you and just be real. That's all it takes.

See you next time!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Letting go of our worries

So here I am on vacation, and I'm supposed to be having a good time, but instead I am letting my head get the best of me. I just dropped my two dogs off with one of my most reliable friends last night and today her cell phone is off. What is going on? Are my dogs okay? Did they run off? Did one of them get hit by a car? Every couple minutes I'm checking my cell phone to see if she got my message. One hour. Two hours. Three. Four. Nothing. Finally, I get a hold of her. Guess what? Everything's fine! The dogs are having a great time and so is she. Guess what else? I wasted a whole day of my vacation and a whole day of my life letting my worries get the best of me.

Does this sound like you? I know this is not the first time for me(and I am a laid back guy.....not an nervous wreck). So why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we traumatize ourselves with irrational fears, phobias and worries when we could be living our lives to the greatest of their potential? There could be many reasons. Maybe our parents were anxious people, maybe some of us of a touch of O.C.D.(obsessive compulsive disorder), and maybe some of us just have huge hearts that get in the way sometimes. Maybe none of the above.

"Okay, I get it. I have some anxiety issues." you say. "So what's the solution Einstein?" Well, I'm definitely no Einstein...that's for sure. I'm not not even qualified to treat you in a fromal therapy session. I am just an observant, down to earth guy who has learned a few techniques to try as I've wandered this world. Number one: Ask yourself "Is this a rational fear?" Then answer it. Then follow by asking yourself "Is this situation out of my control?" (If it is, you must learn to slowly accept it). Finally, if it is in your control, make a list of the steps you need to follow to gain control....then start taking proper action. If it is out of your control, you must work on replacing those thoughts you are having with other thoughts that are not anxiety provoking or make yourself busy with meaningful tasks that will advance your life in any way( large or small...long term or immediate). Number two: talk to a trusted friend with a calm personality and a stable life, and ask for some advice on how to cope(don't abuse this friend's good nature with all of your troubles). Number three: do something physical. Sometimes there is nothing better for anxiety than a good sweat.

Well, what are you still doing reading this? Go out and conquer the world! Let go of your worries, free yourself of fears and seize the day! Have a good one ladies and gentleman!
I'll see ya next time!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Here's to your health!

Recently I was driving down the road and I saw a bumper sticker on a car that really made me stop and think. It said "Ignore you health.....and it will go away." In 2005, I spent almost a full year in a bed because I ignored my health....and sure enough, it went away. Fortunately, I got it back. Many people have much more severe issues. Their health may never return.

So why am I writing this you ask? I am writing this as a wake up call. I am writing this to reach out to at least one person out there....hopefully more. Don't ignore your health people. It will go away. How many of you are eating fast food daily, have high blood pressure or have high cholesterol? How many of you are having trouble breathing or enjoying life because you are carrying too much weight? Have you been drinking too much or too often....for way too long? Smoking? Doing various drugs since you were young and didn't know much better? What are your risk factors? Please people, when you get done reading this take a moment to stop and picture your family. Picture your friends. Picture yourself in the best of health...and in the worst of health. Make a change. Make it today.

How do I start? That is always the big question. Start by walking(briskly) for 20 minutes each night and cutting your carbohydrates in half. Gradually, increase the amount of time you are walking for(or do a second 20 minute session in the morning) and reduce carbohydrates a little more until you get where you want to be. If you are a smoker, cut down by two cigarrettes every 3-5 days(no exceptions....I don't care how much so and so pissed you off at work). If you have high blood pressure or high cholesterol, first see your doctor, then lower your saturated fats, trans-fats and start the exercise program above as soon as the MD gives you the green light.

These are just a few suggestions on how you or someone you know can get started today. I hope that this has helped at least one person out there. Just remember, "Ignore your health...and it will go away." Tune in again next time guys for another installent of "The Daily Brain Shelter".

Here's to your health!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Love, dating and the void.

How many of you out there have spent days, weeks, months or even years of your lives searching for love? I know I have. I've even found it once or twice(with some very beautiful women I might add). But what is love? Is it sheer animal attraction? Great sex? Financial security? A nice butt? No. None of the above. All of these things help create a spark or grab some attention, but will only satisfy the needs of the truely superficial...not those in search of "the real thing".

So what is it then? What is love? Well, it is probably a little different for everybody. One thing I can say is that all love must start with friendship, trust and effortless communication. If you are constantly fighting and having ups and downs that just can not be resolved with the person you are with, he or she just might not be your match. With that being said, love should be passionate(yes, even after 3 weeks), rarely boring, comforting, and 98% free of worries, fears and doubts. You and your significant other should be able to have a great time together going out, staying in, or anything in between. You should feel comfortable together when no words are spoken or in moments of intense conversation. You should even be able to fart once in a while (Yes, I really just said that).

So why do I see so many people out there settling? These men and women are setting themselves up for failure, and many of them know it from day one. I truely believe many people start giving up somewhere along the way after a few relationships go wrong, so they just start settling for less than love. They fill the void by merely taking what comes along....and often clinging onto it for lengthy periods of time until they become really unhappy(even more so than they were before they began their previous search).

May I be straighforward here? Quit filling the void people. You are all better than that.....each and every one of you. Your own impatience and low self esteem has become a road block in your quest for love. Find the good in yourself. Cherish it and let it shine and don't settle until the right person walks into your life. You'll know it. Trust me. It can take a long time, but it will be worth the wait. So, until that day comes, I want you to do one thing and one thing only.......learn how to enjoy just being you. Life is precious, and tomorrow is never promised, so enjoy living today!

Take care everyone!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Suddenly......I'm Poor.

The year is 2009. The setting: The United States of America. Imagine for one minute that in the blink of an eye, a nation of wealth and prosperity suddenly turns to poverty, joblessness and struggle. People are forced to face adversity like never before and overcome obstacles that once seemed "beneath" them. Bankers have become beggars, college graduates are fighting for a job at McDonald's, constuction workers are waiting for their phones to ring, and retail workers have watched their places of employment downsize or even close their doors permanently. Worst of all, suddenly, I'm poor.

This sounds like the making of a great movie based on some "futuristic depression", only this is no screen play. This is reality. This is your reality and this is mine. I'm sure many of us would like to burry our heads in the sand or point a finger at a politician, investment group, public figure or just rattle off our one "brilliant" solution that will turn the economy around "if people would only listen". Yeah, sure. Let's be honest, none of this is going to do a damn bit of good. It is time for solutions, not whining, fingerpointing or useless complaining(oftentimes done in groups of breakroom-cynics).

So where are we at and what are we to do? I would love to say there is one miracle answer, but that would be a fallacy. A good suggestion for restimulating the economy would be to create new jobs. How is this accomplished you ask? Do what you have always wanted to do. Work for yourself. What are you good at? Are you an accountant who has spent 20yrs hiding in a cubicle? Do you punch out every Friday at 5, just so you can spend the weekend doing what you really love......building custom birdhouses(that for some reason you never show). Your garage is already a woodworking shop, why not start a web site, do a little advertising and give it a go. You might find happiness and success far beyond your wildest dreams. Who knows, you might even need a few employees.

What about you? What are you good at? Cooking, sewing, pottery or jewlery making? Inventing,restoring or teaching? Make an instuctional DVD, make a new product, live your life and believe in yourself and suddenly you might not be so poor anymore. Goodluck everyone!
See you next time!

Sunday, June 7, 2009


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