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Sunday, June 7, 2009


Welcome to "The Daily Brain Shelter". This is a blog spot for the open-minded and the free at heart. This is a place where those who seek shelter from negativity, closemindedness, confusion, lack of knowledge, and many other injustices such as boredom come to gather. Stop and think for a minute. How many times have you wished you could go to a far off place to escape the monotony of daily life? Have you ever wished you could just be in a positive space when all that surrounds you is dark and grim. Now you can. "The Daily Brain Shelter" is here to provide you with a small 5-minute vacation from the daily grind. This is a safe haven for the mind.......a place of comfort, a place of peace, of humor, information, opinion and truth. This is as much your place as it is mine. This might not be heaven. This might not be paradise. Many times this will not even be politically or grammatically correct. But.......this is a home. This is a sanctuary. This is "The Daily Brain Shelter". Welcome!!!!

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