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Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Why is it that people are always making excuses these days? Everywhere I turn someone is always pointing a finger, shifting the blame, or refusing to take responsiblity. This seems to be an era of really big babies walking around in suits, ties and hard hats. What ever happened to self accountability? What ever happened to having a "pair"? Things are getting ridiculous.

When I want a healthy dose of whining and excusing making, I'll take a group of sixteen 1st graders to a prize winning competition. I can expect to hear a bunch of kids blaming each other for their poor placings or shifting the blame to the fat kid when someone rips a fart on the bus. When I am around a group of adults my age or older, it blows my mind that they are just like a group of kids, only with money, power and a little more education. In fact, if you photoshopped the toddlers faces on the adults bodies, the personalities would often fit.

Wake up and smell the coffee. We can blame people for everything that goes wrong in this world or in our lives, but little is getting solved. We can blame a politcian or investment group for the condition our economy is in right now, but that is water under the bridge. It will waste time and effort ,and therefore will not solve the problem. It will only delay the drafting of new solutions. We can blame our superiors at the office for giving a co-worker an "undeserved" promotion that we should have obviously recieved by now, or we can start finding ways to advance our career at other firms. Hey, this is no longer the era of the golden watch anymore. Quit complaining and start moving forward.

Let's have some self respect people. Take responsibilty for your actions. Quit blaming others in an attempt to make yourself look better. You're not fooling anybody but yourself. Point the finger where it belongs and watch the world around you transform. Thanks for reading.

See you next time!

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