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Monday, June 29, 2009

The Hamsterwheel of Unhappiness

Have you ever been in the presence of someone that had tons of money, a great looking spouse, plenty of free time, a great career, and nothing in the world to complain about, yet they were completely dissatisfied with their life? In contrast, have you ever been in the presence of someone who barely had a dime to their name, worked an average job, rarely ever got a vacation to go to a "no name" motel somewhere completely unheard of, yet they didn't have this"poor me" or "Life's hard right now" or "I won't be satisfied until or unless" type of attitude?

If you have walked a mile in my shoes(which is not much to speak of), then you have met both types of people somewhere along the way.....several times. So what's the difference? The person in the first example never learned to be satisfied with themselves or their circumstances under simple conditions. They will always be a rodent on a hamsterwheel, chasing a desired outcome that they expect will make them happy or that will solve all of their deeper rooted life issues. Unfortunately, they will just keep running. Yes, they will be running in forward motion, and they will be productive, but they will rarely find themselves to be content when the show is over and they're left alone to their own thoughts. The second person, has found the good in simple things. This individual cherishes their family, their friends, their spouse, kids,and their pets. They also take pride in the modest posessions that they do have, rather than complaining that "The Jones' " have something newer or nicer. This person will climb the ranks at a slower pace in life, but will reach their goals with much greater satisfaction in the end. Why? Simply because they have not been running on an endless hamsterwheel their entire lives.....a cycle that one day may be impossible to break.

Don't live your lives chasing a carrot on a string or running on the hamsterwheel of unhappiness. Rest assured you'll get where you're going if you put in the effort that is required of you. Oh, and if the Jones' have something better than what. There will always be someone taller, smarter, better looking, wealthier, or in posession of something that you want. That's life. Is it really worth dying 35 years early because you had to get where you were going faster than the next guy? I sure hope not. Take care of yourselves...and stay off of the hamsterwheel.

See you next time!

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