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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Love, dating and the void.

How many of you out there have spent days, weeks, months or even years of your lives searching for love? I know I have. I've even found it once or twice(with some very beautiful women I might add). But what is love? Is it sheer animal attraction? Great sex? Financial security? A nice butt? No. None of the above. All of these things help create a spark or grab some attention, but will only satisfy the needs of the truely superficial...not those in search of "the real thing".

So what is it then? What is love? Well, it is probably a little different for everybody. One thing I can say is that all love must start with friendship, trust and effortless communication. If you are constantly fighting and having ups and downs that just can not be resolved with the person you are with, he or she just might not be your match. With that being said, love should be passionate(yes, even after 3 weeks), rarely boring, comforting, and 98% free of worries, fears and doubts. You and your significant other should be able to have a great time together going out, staying in, or anything in between. You should feel comfortable together when no words are spoken or in moments of intense conversation. You should even be able to fart once in a while (Yes, I really just said that).

So why do I see so many people out there settling? These men and women are setting themselves up for failure, and many of them know it from day one. I truely believe many people start giving up somewhere along the way after a few relationships go wrong, so they just start settling for less than love. They fill the void by merely taking what comes along....and often clinging onto it for lengthy periods of time until they become really unhappy(even more so than they were before they began their previous search).

May I be straighforward here? Quit filling the void people. You are all better than that.....each and every one of you. Your own impatience and low self esteem has become a road block in your quest for love. Find the good in yourself. Cherish it and let it shine and don't settle until the right person walks into your life. You'll know it. Trust me. It can take a long time, but it will be worth the wait. So, until that day comes, I want you to do one thing and one thing only.......learn how to enjoy just being you. Life is precious, and tomorrow is never promised, so enjoy living today!

Take care everyone!

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  1. Hello,

    I see that you are following my blog. I am always happy to see new followers of my blog, but I am wondering what caused you choose to follow it. You did not leave any comment to give me any clue.

    I appreciate your point of this well written post, which by the way is easy to read and kept my interest to the end…I become very easily bored with many long posts.

    I think you seem very intelligent…my writing is not nearly as absorbing. So you have left me wondering…

    ~ Hope