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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mental Blocks

Recently, I've been much more honest with myself than in the past. I've realized that a lot of the reasons for the things that I am not satisfied with are due to mental blocks.

Mental blocks usually manifest themselves as procrastination, denial, anxiety, confusion, resentment, or something else of similar nature. We usually have these mental blocks to guard us ..... usually from something like a feeling or emotion that we are not yet ready to face. Eventually, some form of emotional repression takes its course. Now, we have trouble making phone calls to old friends, starting new projects, moving to new places, or getting over childhood fears.

Frankly, the best way to liberate yourself from these roadblocks, is to stop being so stubborn or scared. Face your fears or aversions head on. Don't attck with bulging eyes and sheer agression. Face them with composure and a relaxed disposition. Soon, very little will bother you or stand in your way, and mental blocks will become a thing of the past.

See you next time!

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