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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Letting go of our worries

So here I am on vacation, and I'm supposed to be having a good time, but instead I am letting my head get the best of me. I just dropped my two dogs off with one of my most reliable friends last night and today her cell phone is off. What is going on? Are my dogs okay? Did they run off? Did one of them get hit by a car? Every couple minutes I'm checking my cell phone to see if she got my message. One hour. Two hours. Three. Four. Nothing. Finally, I get a hold of her. Guess what? Everything's fine! The dogs are having a great time and so is she. Guess what else? I wasted a whole day of my vacation and a whole day of my life letting my worries get the best of me.

Does this sound like you? I know this is not the first time for me(and I am a laid back guy.....not an nervous wreck). So why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we traumatize ourselves with irrational fears, phobias and worries when we could be living our lives to the greatest of their potential? There could be many reasons. Maybe our parents were anxious people, maybe some of us of a touch of O.C.D.(obsessive compulsive disorder), and maybe some of us just have huge hearts that get in the way sometimes. Maybe none of the above.

"Okay, I get it. I have some anxiety issues." you say. "So what's the solution Einstein?" Well, I'm definitely no Einstein...that's for sure. I'm not not even qualified to treat you in a fromal therapy session. I am just an observant, down to earth guy who has learned a few techniques to try as I've wandered this world. Number one: Ask yourself "Is this a rational fear?" Then answer it. Then follow by asking yourself "Is this situation out of my control?" (If it is, you must learn to slowly accept it). Finally, if it is in your control, make a list of the steps you need to follow to gain control....then start taking proper action. If it is out of your control, you must work on replacing those thoughts you are having with other thoughts that are not anxiety provoking or make yourself busy with meaningful tasks that will advance your life in any way( large or small...long term or immediate). Number two: talk to a trusted friend with a calm personality and a stable life, and ask for some advice on how to cope(don't abuse this friend's good nature with all of your troubles). Number three: do something physical. Sometimes there is nothing better for anxiety than a good sweat.

Well, what are you still doing reading this? Go out and conquer the world! Let go of your worries, free yourself of fears and seize the day! Have a good one ladies and gentleman!
I'll see ya next time!

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