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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Those Who Create

There is an indescribable feeling one gets when they know that they have finished creating something worthwhile. Creations are sometimes tangible objects like model railway cars or jigsaw puzzles....sometimes they are not. Sometimes, a creation is a beautiful vocal line that someone has spent all day rehearsing in their heads, or an idea inside of someone that developed into a masterpiece theatre showing fit only for the likes of broadway.

No matter what the creation is, there is a sense of joy upon completing it. The best way I can describe it is like an intense stress release that no exercise session can mimic, a release of built up tension that no one ever really knew was there, a satisfaction that is subtle yet epic..... a sense of well being, a sense of relief.

Sometimes it baffles me that so many people never tap into their creative sides. They merely sit in front of a TV and occasionally they exercise. The rest of their lives consist of eat, sleep, work. These individuals without hobbies or creative outlets tend to be aggressive, depressed, neurotic, or just downright bored with life (at least that is how I have observed them). Their only release from this tension and monotony will be the occasional Friday night of binge drinking and yelling "whew!, whew! whew!" all night long, only to end up miserable the next day. Those with hobbies and creative outlets, tend to be able to express themselves better on a regular basis, rather than being plagued by negative thoughts or extreme boredom. Yes, there are plenty of creative people who are" a couple sandwiches short of a picnic" as well, but they have provided themselves with an outlet to go to before they lose their marbles.

So where would I be without my guitar or my pen and paper? I would be lost inside the depths of my own mind...... just like most of the world is. Who knows? I may even be pounding my head against a thick rubber floor somewhere very institutional right now. Lucky for me, I won't ever have to find out. The rest of you may be on the road to a midlife crisis.....or a beautiful future filled with happiness and balance. This will all depend on the choices you make. Take care everyone.

See you next time!

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