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Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Holiday Blues

It is now the middle of November, and holiday times are approaching us at a break neck pace. For some, the holidays are a time of true happiness and serious celebration. For others, this is a time of loneliness and despair. This is a time where some of us realize that we are single, without our loved ones, or at a loss of friends. This is hardly something to celebrate.

I must admit that I have "celebrated" plenty of lonely holiday times myself. While everyone else was smiling and mingling amongst friends and family, I was often alone on a couch somewhere wishing I had someone to talk to. While I often swore I would not be alone the following year.....there I was, alone, time and time again......year after year. It happens to the even the kindest of us.

Eventually after several years, I found someone. We shared many nice holiday seasons together. I finally understood what all of the celebration and joy was all about. No longer was I the lonely guy on the couch. I was a part of the conversation. I had six good years of smiles and laughter.

If you are out there wondering if you will ever find someone,don't worry, you will. I may not know you, but I can promise you that. It took me 20 years to find my first girlfriend, and when I did, I ended up with someone very beautiful. While the holiday times sure may make life seem hopeless, please know that life is any thing but that. You will eventually find what you are looking for and you will have no clue how you ended up so happy all of a sudden. So this year when you are feeling alone, make it a point to get up off of the couch and talk to someone. You just might find that it changes everything. Have a Happy Thanksgiving! Take care everyone!

See you next time!!!


  1. I sometimes wonder whether you are in my head! :P This holiday will be spent alone and I'm not looking forward to it. Family are overseas, friends are with their families and unlike last holidays, don't have a partner. But I may make an effort to hang out with someone if possible...even if it means having annoying kids around :P

  2. Am I in your head? lol Probably not. Have I been in your shoes? More times than I care to admit. That being said, I hope you find someone nice to share your holiday season with this year(hey, good things happen to good people). I also hope you get a chance to connect with your family overseas, and even get a few nice phone calls from some friends just down the road. Take care and have a Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks again for all of your great comments.

  3. Well said. I, like you, didn't find true love for about 20 yrs or so. For me it didn't happen until I finally began to truly love myself. This came with no other choice having been broken hearted so many times. It took 23 years to find my self-love and then my true love. The holidays for me were usually a huge disappointment, I was always let down by the losers I kept trying to change. What I learned are that there are many things to fulfill my time with that bring me joy. Of course it is nice to share each day with a significant other, but you must look at this time alone as building your character with many qualities that anyone would love and admire. More importantly, qualities that end up keeping you content and fulfilled while you go through the many possibles.Like picking the perfect piece of fruit, the one that will be the best out of all the rest....For you!

    God Bless, Peace in Love, Tina Soriano

  4. Hey Tina,
    Thank you. Glad to know my post made an impact. More importantly, I'm happy to hear that you have found someone special to share your life with. Good things really do come to those who wait, don't they? I always like hearing true stories with happy endings! Congratulations! I wish you both a lifetime of love and happiness! Take care!!!