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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Did I Really Just Say That???????

Have you ever been so angry or emotional that you called someone a filthy name, or chewed someone out when they did not deserve it whatsoever? I have......and I'd be more than willing to bet you have too. Now, if you have any kind of conscience, I bet you wanted to retract your words or actions within minutes, if not seconds of of your disgraceful verbal outpour.

When we fly off at the mouth, we have essentially lost control of our rational selves, and are most likely running on sheer chemical and hormonal energy. We are amped up with adrenaline, filled with testosterone, blinded by emotion.......and really, just not thinking clearly. It seems that after some type of false self-righteous euphoria settles itself, we start realizing what just happened in the real world.......not just in the little fantasy we acted out. Our words just hurt someone, angered someone, got us fired, got us punched in the jaw, made someone cry, or permanently scarred someone's self-image.

After all of the damage is done, we are left in a state of shell shock. The big question that we start playing over and over in our minds is: "Did I really just say that?" And the answer is: "Yes". You really just said that. Those words are permanent. You have left an impression. Like it or not. So, we need to get a grip on ourselves. We are all emotional.....some of us more than others. However, that gives us no excuse to lose control of ourselves, and to say demeaning or vicious things to others. We need to think. We need to think before we act.....and think before we open our mouths. What we say just might be the last thing someone hears.....or the last thing that we get to say. Words were meant to be chosen wisely. Take care everyone!

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  1. Well, as the saying goes - "Ira furor brevis est". Anger is a brief madness.

    Once you've started to get angry, there's nothing to be done. The idea is to prevent yourself from losing control in the first place.

  2. "Anger is a brief madness."........Well said! Any idea where the quote originates? Just curious. Anyway, thank you for your wise words and intelligent contribution. I look forward to hearing more from you in the future. Take care!