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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What Are We Waiting For?

Have you have stared at your cell phone or computer screen, wishing that someone would contact you? Have you been so fixated on waiting that you missed out on other great opportunites? How many times did those people ever really call?

Life is now people. We are not promised another heartbeat. If someone is really interested in dating us, they will call......almost immediately. If someone is interested in doing business with us, they will usually call within a fairly short amount of time as well. If someone is really our friend, we should know in our hearts that they will always call us back....if not first.

This has been a heartbreaking lesson for me to learn over the course of my lifetime. Many people that I have been interested in building different forms of relationships with have not wanted to form similar ties with me. The reverse is also true. There have been many circumstances where I have not wanted to do business with others....or in some cases, even be their friends(very rare).

The main question I'm asking is: "What are we waiting for?" Are we waiting for people to change their minds? Let me be honest(both with myself and with all of you).......that rarely happens. Once most people make their decisions, it takes a lot for them to do a complete 180. This usually only happens if we realize that we have misjudged someone's character. Then we know it is up to us to give them a second chance......and a fair one. Otherwise, we usually know where we stand. All of the waiting in the world will not make the telephone ring. It will just break our hearts and damage our minds. We will feel inadequate, when in truth, we are not.

So.... stop waiting around already. Put the cell phone back in your pocket, close the laptop and find something to do. Life is now, and it waits for no one. Go out and live while you still have the chance. Take care everyone!

See you next time!!!

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