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Monday, October 5, 2009

It's Fighting Time!

Sometimes life stops, turns around, and drop kicks us straight in the nuts. As mere mortals, we are left with no choice but to fall to our knees and whimper. As we contemplate our next move, often it feels like we are going to be down there for quite sometime. Well...... sometimes this is true. Other times it is not. It all depends on how bad we want to get our butts off of the ground. How bad do we want to stand on our own two feet? That is the question!

Life is a test of the human sprit. Will we rise from the smoldering ashes or will we drift away with the vapors? What will emerge? When this world beats us down and then laughs in our face, will we cry in our pillows or will we stick our chests out and walk with honor? What are we made of? We can't just lay down and die. No way!

It's fighting time ladies and gentlemen. I remeber a quote from an old action movie(unfortunately I can't remeber which one). The main character said: " You can break my back.....but you'll never break my spirit!" Those old action movies sure had some corny one-liners in them, but some of them sure did make a valid point or two. Life can test us, and even abuse us....but it will only break us if we let it. Take care everyone!!!

See you next time!!!

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