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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Little Wiser This Time....

A person who makes a certain error once has not made a mistake. Instead, he or she has created an environment for themselves in which they are able to learn and grow from. That being said, if that same person fails to see their error as an opportunity to learn, they will repeat that error......then, it can easily be called a mistake.

Over the course of our lifetimes we will trip and fall hundreds, if not thousands of times. The question is: Will we learn to tie our shoes before making forward strides in the future? For some, the answer is yes. As for others.......I hope they invest in a good set of knee pads, 'cause life is gonna hurt.

If someone asked me how many times I've made some form of error or another, I could not even give them an honest number. I've fallen flat on my face a million times. Now that I am older and a little wiser, I am finally starting to learn from my blunders. Rarely am I repeating the same slipups more than once these days. So when did things change? They began to change when I decided that I truly wanted something better out of this life. They began to change when I started begin aware of myself and accountable for my actions. No longer could I blame anyone for things that didn't go my way. Now it is all about learning and finding solutions to any problem that I may face.

With age comes wisdom....well, most of the time. As we progress in chrological age, usually some form of more sophistocated thinking follows. This leads to better decision making, a better grasp on people(and ourselves), and a more indepth understanding of how this complex world around us tends to operate. time you trip and fall, don't just get up and start running again. First, take a look at your shoe laces or the ground beneath you. Find out why you fell in the first place. Once you know....then go. Not only will you get more out of life, but you'll be a little wiser this time too. Take care everyone!!!

See you next time!!!!


  1. Great post!

    Unfortunately, humankind will never learn from past mistakes, because we are all ignorant - even the supposed wisest of them all, Socrates, said just that about himself.

    What we can try to do is to chip away daily our imperfections a bit at a time.

    Hopefully, in time we can attain the self-knowledge needed to understand ourselves, as well as our mistakes for us then to elevate our minds ever nearer to the heaven of the Gods that the ancient philosophers talked about.

  2. Very well said. Thank you for the intelligent contribution!

  3. Your posts are always so insightful and thought provoking. Great work.

  4. Thank you Carlotta. That really means a lot! Take care.