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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Drawing The Line

Have you ever given a new person your phone number just to be polite? I know I have. Sometimes, wonderful friendships are made this way....other times, some annoying S.O.B. decides they are going to text message you the very next morning at 6am while they are eating breakfast(and you are sleeping), at 7am while they are in the car(and you are still sleeping), at 8am when they are bored at work(and you are still sleeping), at 9am(when you have only been up for a half hour), and so on and so forth for the rest of the day and night.....every day and night. That is, until you draw the line.

Some people just have no sense of self-awareness. They are obsessive, controlling , manipulative, and very immature. They want what they want....and they want it now. If what they want is to talk to you....well, you just might be in for a migraine headache......until you draw the line. Sometimes you either have to stop answering the phone or replying to text messages permanently, change your number, or you just have to be very blunt and tell that individual that you no longer wish for them to call you.

Drawing the line is no easy task. It takes serious nerve sometimes. Usually the people who we are forced to cut ties from do not seem to listen or respect wishes very easily. They are often hard headed, close minded and selfish. And if you cut ties with them......they think you are the jerk! You are the crazy one! You are the one with the problems! I mean, why wouldn't anyone want to talk to someone they just met 84 times in one day? How crazy!

Some people have been fortunate enough not to encounter such individuals or such circumstances over the course of their lifetime(s). As for the rest of us.....should we only be so lucky! We need to really stay in touch with who we are and what we want. We need to be strong and assertive. We need to keep the ball in our court. This is our life and it should not be lived on anyone else's terms or conditions. It is for us to dictate! Draw the the line!
Take care everyone!!!

See you next time!!!!

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