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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I'm Gonna Be Somebody

Pay attention everyone.....this is an important posting that transcends age, gender, race, religion, preference, or even the almighty Starbucks.

I was on my way home late this evening, and just before pulling up to my house a certain song came on the radio. Everytime this song comes on, a bell goes off in my head. It is like this one songwriter wrote this one song just for me and he is sending out its message to make sure that I hear it. The song is called "I'm Gonna Be Somebody" by Travis Tritt. It's about a young boy who dreams of singing and playing on the big stage someday. Throughout the song, people tell him to get a "real" job, to give up on his "dream", and to quit playing at these dive bars that he plays at. He refuses listen. Somewhere inside his heart he knows better. He believes in himself and he knows that this is what he was born to do. Finally, by the end of the song he is playing the big stage in his hometown, only to find a boy in the front row that looks just like he did, singing those same words ...."I'm Gonna Be Somebody".

Please people, do not let our short lives end in disappointment. I know that I will not let mine end that way. Make the most of yours as well. Start by taking action now! Take proactive steps to open the restaurant that you and your wife had always talked about in your early 30's, publish an autobiography of your life and experiences(hey, life wasn't always normal for you was it?), record your songs and send them out, go back to school so you can stop doing intense day labor......don't let your lives end in disappointment.

I know that many of you may not like country music, and even if you do, you may not like that song.....but, you are destined to be someone in this world.... someone special. Listen to the song or read the lyrics(preferably both). If nothing else, start telling yourself one thing: "I'm Gonna Be Somebody". Put a little action into the picture, add a pinch of time, and everything will fall into place. Take care everyone!

See you next time!!!

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