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Friday, July 31, 2009

Self-Image, Pop Culture, and True Beauty

Everytime we flip through the pages of any popular magazine, one of the first things we notice is just how perfect everybody looks. No one has a hair out of place. The men are suave, the women are beautiful, and the scenery is always exquisite. While this is very inspirational and motivating to some, it often conjures up feelings of inadequacy in the minds of others.

"What's wrong with me? Why don't I look like that? Why don't I have fame and fortune? Am I lower class? Am I ugly? Maybe I'm stupid. I guess people just don't like me the way that they like those people.....I don't understand!" While these may not be the thoughts that run through your mind, they are the thoughts that run through the minds of many. These are the thoughts that turn someone beautiful into a someone who is ashamed of their own face. These are the thoughts that pour daily rain down upon even the sweetest of angels. This is what happens when pop culture becomes everything we see. This is what happens when we start to lose touch.

Self-image is very fragile. It is like a knight in shining armour who chooses to wear a vest of glass for his shielding. While a lucky knight with enough skill and tact may emerge from battle unscathed, he is the exception. The truth of the matter is that most warriors encounter a prod of the lance, a slash of the sword, or a fall from the horse at some point or another. And really, all it takes is one pinpointed blow to a glass shield to cause severe damage.....or even worse, destruction of the knight.

While it is important to strive for excellence, to groom ourselves properly, to have stable finances, a good career&ambitions, not to mention a home to provide a life of nurturing for our families in....we must not lose sight of nurturing ourselves on the inside. Without a a healthy love of oneself or proper self image, one will never be able to enjoy all of the finer things that they may covet or even envy in, or, of others. Also we most likely will not achieve these things we desire, due to the sheer fact that we will be dwelling on what we don't have and what others do well as what others are doing, rather than what it is we need to be doing(which is probably what we need to be doing most).

Although, pop culture may be an easy scapegoat for everything that is wrong with people's self images, it is not the only factor to blame. So what else is? People. That's right.....everyday people. People are competitive and cruel. They are superficial, image oriented, narcissistic, and quite often unkind. Even someone who never turns on a TV or flips through a magazine can have self image issues. We as people are responsible for this....and only we as people can start reversing this uncivilized, childish trend, by aiding, assisting and accepting others. It's time already.

Listen closely. We will never be perfect. The men and women in the magazines and on TV are never perfect either. Do some research and you'll find out just what I mean. While some really are nearly flawless in appearance, most are photoshopped to some degree, made up, professionally styled and tailored, and many have even had several plastic surgeries just to look good under the cameras(where they are positioned at flattering angles, light metered, and much more). Also if you want to get into character flaws......the list is endless. My point is not to bash the people in the magazines. Many of them are wonderful individuals. I've had several friends who have been fortunate enough to go that direction with their lives(for short periods of time). My point is that each and everyone of you is beautiful. Each and everyone of you has something to offer this world. Embrace your beauty. True beauty never resides on the outside of the soul.....and trust me when I say true beauty never fades. Take care everyone!

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  1. this was a good read keep writing. this has freed me from some of my foolishness. ok mr bean you rock!

  2. Thank you Globalmommy! For those of you who don't know why Globalmommy called me Mr.Bean.....that is my avatar on Check out all of the great writers on this site!