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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Pride Is A Weapon

Pride is a weapon, ladies and gentlemen. It is a sword with a double edge. One edge will slice through any opponent standing in the way until victory is proclaimed, and the other, will violently impale the user upon the sword itself. Pride can be the downfall of man, or the humble harnessing of modest self confidence in oneself or a job well done. Once pride becomes boastful, the grip begins to slip from the sword, and the journey towards the blade often becomes fatal.

How many times do we see someone with a ton of self confidence get a great job or a great date that others are in awe of? All the time, right? Of course. It is because they have pride in themselves. How often do we see these same people lose these great jobs or dates due to arrogance? Probably, a good majority of the time. Why? They let pride go to their heads. They become self absorbed, overconfident, and somewhat narcissistic, and they lose their grip from the sword. Eventually, no one wants to put up with them, or they are just too self involved to do the job to the best of their abilities.

While it is a tragic mistake to be arrogant, it is equally tragic for many to relinquish any pride or self worth at all. Why? I'll tell you. When you have no self confidence and no sense of belief in yourself, you feel terrible most of the time. You fail to live up to your potential. Fear gets in the way of living up to your greatest ambitions or dreams, and you just don't attract the people that you are often looking to attract. Overall, life becomes somewhat unfulfilling. You do not have to live like this. Start finding your best qualities, embrace them, and re-enforce them to yourself with positive statements inside your head(or even out loud) multiple times a day, until your self image eventually changes...and believe me it will!

Now it is your choice. Hold on to the sword, or lose your grip....just beware of the fall. PRIDE IS A WEAPON. It can be used as a tool of victory, or as a tool of destruction. Just beware, either way, the outcome will be your own in the end. Take care everyone!

See you next time!!!

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