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Sunday, July 19, 2009

It's The Simple Things

Modern society is moving at such a fast pace nowadays. People are working seven days a week, and everyone is trying to keep up with thier neighbors. We have become so fixated on 7-figure bank accounts, Ferrari sports cars, and 10-bedroom homes, that we have forgotten about the simple things.

To me, the simple things mean more than any material possession(s) ever could....and yes, I too have a desire to be extremely wealthy. Despite my desire for financial and materialistic acquisitions, I would never trade any excess of riches for the simple things. The simple things are what make life worth living. There is nothing like the feeling of falling in love, or watching a perfect sunset, walking on a breezy beach alone after dark, smiling until your cheeks hurt, drifting off to sleep on a full stomach, talking for hours with a best friend or loved one, learning how to do something new and exciting, fulfilling a dream, or even rediscovering yourself.

I guess the message that I'm trying to send out is pretty simple: Take a little time out to smell the roses. Money isn't everything. It sure does help. Anyone who says that it doesn't, has their head in the sand. The reverse is also true. Anyone who is so fixated with money that tells you it is pointless to stop and smell the roses has their head deep in the sand as well. Just remember ladies and gentlemen, it's not the cars, the homes, or the diamonds that will make most of you happy at the end of the day.....It's the simple things! Take care everyone!

See you next time!!!

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