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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Sunshine After The Storm

Most of us go through some pretty hard times in our lives. Unfortunately, they usually do not pass over us in a matter of a day.....or even a week. Often, they take months, or, even a year or more to vanish. Each day seems like an eternity. We find ourselves feeling empty and hollow. We daydream about our pasts and worry about our futures. Life often seems gloomy and hopeless. Sometimes we wonder why we are even going through the motions anymore.

While I would like to say that there is a plan or a reason for every hard time that we go through, I am not always so sure. What I am sure of, is that, hard times make us better people. They teach us lessons that no bookbound course work ever could. They make us stronger than any weightlifting regimen could ever build us to be. We become wiser, stronger, more compassionate, thoughtful, and more appreciative than ever before.

Eventually, we emerge from the darkness. The hard times start to fade almost out of nowhere. Doors start opening for us, and there is a bright sunshine after the storm. A new energy radiates around us, and through us, inspiring and uplifting everyone we come in contact with. We become revitalized with vigor and drive like we had in our youth. Suddenly, we realize just how valuable all of those hard times and struggles were. We realize how much we've grown and how much they've shown us. For without their rain, there would be no chance to see the beauty of the sunshine that comes only after a storm. Take care everyone!!!

See you next time!!!

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