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Wednesday, September 9, 2009


It's funny how life works sometimes. One minute we have these big plans to do one thing, then the next....plans change and we are forced to re-think everything that was once so clear and tangible. We go through life fighting this never ending battle between transparency and blending in. One minute, we want people to see right through us, to know exactly what is on our minds and exactly how we feel....the next, we are chameleons, just trying to blend with the scenery, wishing for nothing more than a little escape.

No matter what it is that we do..... we are always doing, or trying to do one thing.....adapting. Adaptation is how we as animals survive in the wilderness, and how we as people survive in the workplace. Our environmental factors, our backgrounds, our scenery, our friends and our foes are continuously changing(and even sometimes evolving) around us.....right before our very eyes. This makes each day different from the next, and each situation we encounter separate and unique.

Although sometimes it takes more than a couple of spots and stripes to hide us, or a small sign on our foreheads to see right through us.......we all show signs of adaptation(just think about what following a trend really's blending). There is nothing wrong with any of this. In fact it's all probably for the better. It's basic human survival. Let's even go back into trends for a minute....the ones who follow the trends end up being the most popular. Those who are well liked, well dressed, trendy, etc statistically get better jobs, better pay, and wind up with more social connections. At some level that may even mean that they are better survivors then most others....

Regardless of who is more popular or who is the better survivor, change is inevitable, and adaptation is a tried and true method for dealing with change. One who can adapt can make the best out of any situation. He or she can always turn lemons into lemonade. Salt into sugar. Dirt into gold....or even rain into rainbows. Adaptation will always separate the living from the dead, the happy from the sad.....and even the rich from the poor. So............ how are you doing? Take care everyone!

See you next time!!!


  1. I see life as... Every day is a new challenge. Yet there are days when it is the same thing, get up, get dressed, get the boys up and fed, then off to daycare, catch the bus, go to work, catch the bus again, pick up the boys, walk home, fix dinner, bat the boys, put the boys to bed and then finally hit the bed my self... but yet still a challenge!!

    Another great post Adam!!

    Ava J

  2. Sometimes adaptation can be in the form of monotony. It is tough to endure monotonous activites. Only the strong can face repetitive tasks on a day to day basis and still manage to keep pushing. That says a lot about a good mother who cares for her kids. Keep up the great work!