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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Words of Encouragement

Sometimes we try so hard to succeed at everything we do, only to get little or no gratification out of the process....and even sometimes......the end result. Just to hear another person's words of enouragement can completely make it all worthwhile.

Just as we have discussed on here previously, words have powerful actions(both good and bad). Words of praise can keep a person going even on their darkest of days when they were playing Russian roulette on a shaky tightrope, awaiting only the worst of all possible outcomes in their foreseeable future. Praise is motivating, inspiring, comforting and even completely life changing at times. Words of praise can make a person love themselves for the first time and they can make a person believe in themselves for the first time. They can give a person hope....and without hope, what's left?

Well, I'm sure you already knew the impact of praise and other words of encouragement, but I felt the need to re-enforce it's importance. So, when you step out of the house today(or tomorrow), I challenge you to offer words of encouragement to at least one stranger as well as one person you already know. Don't kiss butt....just give praise. Make it sincere or don't do it at all. Post your experiences in the comment section below. You are all capable of making a difference. Let's hear your stories..... Take care everyone!!!

See you next time!!

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