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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Irrational Fears, Panic Attacks and The Gift of Life

"What's happening to me? Are they going to hurt me? Are you sure? Am I having breathing trouble? Am I dying?" Do any of these questions sound familiar to you? If so, you might be prone to having irrational fears and panic attacks(the only way to know for sure is to ask your doctor or qualified health care professional).

When anxiety strikes, it brings out the worst in all of us. We fear for our lives ever so needlessly, sweating profusely, watching time standing still as our heart palpitates inside of our hollow chests. We beg and pray for the Lord's mercy, asking for forgiveness and swearing never to do wrong again if only we may be pardoned from death this very instant. We think of the ones we love and the ones that we've lost. Our lives suddenly become very precious, and very real. These are the moments when we realize that we are not promised another heartbeat. These are the moments we remember that we are weak, frail, and human.

If panic attacks are plaguing you frequently and interrupting your life on a daily basis, you might want to seek help.... as this may not be so healthy. If they happen only so often, they can be frightening, yet beautiful wake up calls that jump start our hearts and our minds. They can let us know that our life really does mean something to us. In all honesty, most of the time, they happen for an underlying reason. There is some type of life issue that we have yet to resolve.

So.....that being said, anxiety can ruin our lives....but only if we let it. If we don't, anxiety can propel us to soaring new heights. How will you live your life? Will you face your fears? Will you live each day like a man with no promise of tomorrow?..... Or will you wilt away and die as if yesterday was your day to drown? Take a deep breath. Enjoy it. Relax. When it is your time to go, it will most likely happen on its own. No need to worry...okay? Take care everyone!

See you next time!!!

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