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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Healthy Social Life....

Human communication and interpersonal connections can truly be a vital element in our quest for optimal health and lifelong happiness. Although reaching out to others can sometimes be a challenge, it can also be very rewarding on many different levels.

Think about it. How many times have you spent a series of days, nights....or even weeks, or months without ever seeing or talking to a friend? How lonely was that? How hard were those times? They were hard.....weren't they? Of course. Now, no one is saying that a little bit of downtime alone or personal space is not healthy, but isolationism will eventually get the best of all of us. Don't believe me? Interview anyone in a maximum security prison who has spent more than 90 days in "the hole" (solitary confinement). Even the toughest and hardest of all human beings need a few basic emotional elements to survive.......elements such as human contact and communication. Without it, we are left to our own devices. This is when our thought patterns change for the worst, our balance is lost, and we tend to lose our way in the world. This is often due to misconceived notions as to how people or things really operate in the world around us.....a world that we are very much removed from.

Having a healthy social life does not mean being popular. Popular is word best left for 7th graders and voters. Get over that notion right now. Having a healthy social life means enjoying the company of friends(both old and new ones) on a regular basis. It means learning new things from new people, reminiscing about the past with old buddies over a six pack, or hanging out and talking shop with a few random co-workers after everyone has punched out for the day. When you think about it in those terms, it doesn't sound so hard...does it? No. The only challenge is making time. Everyone always seems to be to busy....but few really are. Put yourself out there and see what happens for a change. Who knows? You might have a great time, or your next outing might be an absolute disaster. But......if you don't ever get out there, you will have lived a life devoid of all human contact and communication on a recreational level. Years will slip away, people will pass....and eventually, so will you. Make life count. Have a little fun while you're here.....and invite someone along for the ride! Take care everyone!

See you next time!!!


  1. karena manusia ditakdirkan menjadi makhluk sosial.... hormati sesama..

  2. Thank you for the comment. Can you please translate this for myself and some of our other readers. Take care Hasrul!

  3. ah.. the one thing I deal with... solitude. And it is not because I want to but because I am an extreme introvert. I am trying as much as I can to "put my self" out there. But find it hard.

    But yes I do agree with you Adam... you need to be a little social... you need human contact.. or you will start to lose it. Once again great post Adam!!

  4. Introversion and shyness are hard to get over. They are both different, but people who are shy or introverted face a similar challenge......blossoming outward. How do I know? I once face shyness to. Introversion is something I still face no and again. I try to think of it as a positive quality though...not as a curse. When you are introverted, often you are being introspective and thinking much more than "the norm" today. While that might be strange to will find yourself more in tune with what's really going on. It might be hard....but it sure beats being numb and thoughtless.