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Sunday, September 27, 2009


When was the last time you had your heart broken? Do you remember just how bad that hurt? I sure do. I remember people telling me that I just needed to talk it out and everything would be alright. In some ways, those people were on to other ways, they were just asking a man to pick at sore wounds.

I believe it can help to talk about things that have traumatized you, but you really have to be ready for the emotional backlash that comes with that type of conversation. Facing the facts and living the truth is one thing, but reliving a nightmare over and over is another story.

So what am I suggesting people do to remedy their heartaches? I'm suggesting they give themselves space and time from the source. Time will heal most wounds. While we will never forget what we have been through, things sure do get easier to think about or to talk about after several months have passed. Another suggestion is to stay busy. Fill your time with plenty of postive things and positive people, so you have little time to sit in a room alone to dwell on your former moments of misery. Soon success, happiness and positive memories will fill your mind and your life, leaving no time or room for the pains that once plagued you.

Time is a magical thing. A day can last an eternity while a decade goes by in what seems like a flash. Just be patient and time will heal you too. Take care everyone!!!!

See you next time!!!

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