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Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Analytical Mind and You

Some say that thinking too little can lead to serious troubles in our lives. I believe that thinking too much can often have a similar effect. I refer to this as the curse of the analytical mind.

Many of us pick things apart, detail by detail, just so we can understand things in their most basic element. While this may appear to be good, this is somewhat of a perfectionistic or obsessive quality. How so? When one can not just accept something as is, and must keep picking and scratching at something as if it were a mosquito bite, it is obvious that their behavior is obsessive in nature. Now, if we are obsessively analyzing everyone and well all that they say, think or do, we are going to find more wrongs than rights. Why? Because humans as creatures are far from perfect. We are all learning as we go....just making mistake after mistake along the way. Here's the kicker: each mistake we make is going to be different than the person next to us....therefore, they will rarely be able to understand our flaws. This is where judgements come in. This is where people label themselves "smart" and others "morons".

You see....those who think too much find themselves in this predicament far more often than the "Average Joe" with a balanced mindstate, average intelect, and a bloodpressure below 200 (people have strokes at 200 just so you know). Those who are far more accepting and far less analytical, have much better social skills(at least according to my observations), and far fewer walls and barriers than the analytical thinker. Each individual has his/her pro's and cons. One will most likely enjoy life a little more, while the next will understand life to a far greater degree. It's like weighing knowledge vs. pleasure. Which one do you seek? What ever you seek most at the core of your true self will prevail. This will determine if you are an more of an analyst, a hedonist, or someone that falls somewhere in between.

So who are you? What's on your mind? Are you picking this article apart? Are you picking me apart? Yourself? Your neighbor? Maybe you just read this for fun while drinking a beer and could not give a damn. That's cool too. Whatever. All of us have something special to offer. The analyst will make us think, the hedonist will bring us pleasure, and the man in the middle will teach us balance. As for me...I probably think a little too much. Take care everyone!!!

See you next time!!!


  1. hmm! It is right. but still all want to be smart and analytical

  2. As you should be......stay true to yourself. Analytical minds like yours are great contibutors to society. They force us to think from angles we are not prepared to think from, and challenge us to evolve outside of our own comfort zones.