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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Kanye West, Paula Abdula and The Green Eyed Monster

Recently, there have been a few celebrities that have really been acting like nothing more than little school children with big bank accounts.....and bigger egos. Kanye West is one of them. Paula Abdul is another. These are not the only two individuals who are slipping up. Millions of others are following suit. The problem with these two is that they represent society and popular culture. They set trends as to what is the acceptable standard for our children and our communities.

When a young starlet like Taylor Swift is about to give her first big acceptance speech, and a egocentric narcissist in need of attention has such little class and self awareness as to grab the microphone from a young girl and denounce her proper placing........something has gone wrong. When a decent and kind human being with a solid reputation like Ellen Degeneres lands a spot as a judge on a TV reality show, sure, not everyone is going to like her. But.... it is a sad state of affairs, when someone with a career as accomplished and as long lasting as Paula Abdul's reverts to childhood mockery in an effort to steal back the spotlight from Ellen just beause her former seat has become occupied.

Come on people.... Give me a break. You might be improving ratings a little here and there, but you are making absolute fools of yourselves and setting low standards for younger generations to look up to. No one expects you to be perfect or to always act your age.....that would be boring! But, keep the green-eyed monster away. Jealousy has no place outside of the mind. We all become jealous from time to time, but those are feelings we must harness and do positive things with. Why sabotage others? Give it a rest.....there's plenty of pie for all of us.

Here's my take..... "The Green Eyed Monster"(jealousy/greed) is what got our country in this mess that we're in to begin with. Everyone is stabbing each other in the back to get ahead. Every now and again it sure does work.....but at what cost? So, 300 million more may suffer needlessly? We need to think people. Whether we're Kanye West stealing a microphone, Paula Abdul wearing an Ellen DeGeneres wig or Joe Schmoe doing business with John Doe, we need to keep our morals in check. Myself included. Jealously is a raging beast. It is a cause and a basis for insecurity, and a monster that must be tamed. We have created the we must control its every move. Take care everyone!

See you next time!!!

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