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Friday, August 7, 2009

Bullies Just Act Tough

Tonight I let my dogs out of my back door to go to the bathroom(just like I do every night). I live in a relatively safe area, amongst the company of countless young, up and coming corporate I don't have much to worry about.

The instant my dogs got out, they darted across the lawn to another condo, where a group a few guys and two girls were just finishing up a night of drinking. They had a much larger dog than my two little ones. My male dog was not scared a bit, but my female is timid and was shrieking. I had just finished working out, so I was walking over there slowly......and didn't even have time to grab my shirt from the inside of my house. One of the guys, started hovering over my tiny female dog and bullying her while she was crying. He was yelling at her to shut up....until I came over. I was not having it. No sir. "Do not speak to my dog like that...understand?"

He tried to stare me down for a brief second, but my eyes pierced through his like spark plugs through a car window. He sized me up. I am 5'6" and built like a small tank from 14 years of working out. He was 6'1" and had a medium build. Probably not a good fight for either of us. The only difference, was that he was a bully. Bullies are weak minded. They like to pick on others, but once they are confronted, they almost always back down. If they don't back down instantly, its usually because they have friends around and don't want to look like the cowards that they are. But, if you take the opportunity to turn the tables and become the aggressor(within reason), they will fold like a poker table.(Please don't use my words to brainwash yourself into starting your own Fight Club or vigilante civil and sensible please).

Anyway, back to the story. He apologized for his actions. "I had a little too much to drink tonight" he said in a very embarrassed tone. He didn't seem so much embarrassed that he was physically backing down. He seemed more embarrassed of his behavior. I told him it was no problem. I shook his hand like a gentleman, then introduced myself and my two dogs. He played with the dogs very kindly for about fifteen minutes afterwards, while I spoke about the night casually with he and his group of friends....and that was that.

Most of the time.....bullies just act tough. Occasionally, you will get a wild card who will not back down, so be careful and make sure you know who you are dealing with. The point of this posting was to let you all know that people will walk over you because you are smaller or weaker because they can....until you give them a reason to stop. This is so unfortunate. You or I might not treat others this way, but a good majority of people make you "earn their respect". This is common in social settings, in the work place, or sometimes even in your own back yard. Do not be frightened. There is no reason to be. The moment you stand up for yourself is the moment your life will change forever. You will no longer allow yourself to fall victim to anyone else. The bullying must stop. Best of luck with this.....and make sure to choose all battles wisely. Take care everyone!!!

See you next time!!!

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