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Monday, August 3, 2009

Is 110% Too Much?

Living life to the fullest is like walking across a piece of dental floss that's been strung between two sky scrapers. It is a balancing act indeed. If we don't put in enough effort, we will slip and fall.....plunging into the depths of nowhere. If we try too hard, we often encounter the same result.....if not worse.

So the big question is? Is 110% too much? I believe it is. If you are truely giving 110%, you are severly overextending yourself, thus causing a shift in proper balance of duties, actions, and energies. When you give that extra 10% in one area, you are really neglecting 10% in another area. We have all heard: Every action has an equal and/or opposite reaction.....(you guys have to remember that theory right? I thought so).

Those who give 110%(rather than just 100%) usually end up sick, burnt out, disappointed or frustrated with several things in their lives, even though they probably have one thing that they have succeeded in or excelled at. So what am I proposing? Ease up just a little. You'll get where you are going. A breakneck pace is exactly what it sounds like.....breakneck.

While it is no secret we must bust our humps to get ahead in today's world, just realize that you are indeed walking a fine line on a fine wire. You are walking the tightrope. One piece of dental floss will only hold so long before it'll snap, so get your balance and make a move. Oh, and don't try too hard......110% is much too much. Take care everyone!

See you next time!!!


  1. Love your blog. You have so much thought provoking posts. thank you.

  2. Thank you Carlotta! I really appreciate that. Take care!