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Friday, August 21, 2009

Compassion For Those With Less

I believe that it is normal to want to climb our way to the highest pillars of achievement, earnings, status, and rankings in the work place. I believe that is also common for us, as people, to lose sight of the struggles that others around us may be facing after we no longer have to worry about these kind of issues anymore.....or if we are lucky, maybe we never had to face these problems before in our lives. Regardless of where we are at in our lives, or what problems we have or have not faced, it is of the utmost importance to always remain compassionate of others....especially those that are less fortunate.

Sure, it is easy to look at a homeless man, and just call him a bum or a crackhead. He's probably just another drunk or whino or addict, right? Maybe....maybe not. What if his family of four was killed in a horrific car accident and he went bankrupt due to the medical and funeral bills? What if he was a physician, but just couldn't keep his head together after such tragedy? Physicians sure aren't lazy bums are they? No. They are not. The truth is we just never really know another person's story unless we live it. Every person deserves to be treated with dignity. Everyone face great moments of trimuph, and moments of epic failure. No two people share the same story. No two men share the same struggle.

While it may be easier for you to keep every dollar that you earn inside your pocket, or to hoard every moment of free time you have to yourself, you will live a much more rewarding life if you give once in awhile. Look for a local homeless shelter in your area. Volunteer one day a month, or even one day every 3 months. Put some extra change in the box for the Ronald McDonald House next time you grab a burger and a hot fudge sundae at McDonald's. Do something. Just don't be greedy. We have enough of that going on right now. Start making this world a better place by helping those that are less fortunate, and watch your life become a better place too. Take care everyone!

See you next time!!!

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