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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Got Change?

Sometimes life gets monotonous. We get stuck in these ruts that last for extended periods of time, only to wake up and find ourselves bored, frustrated and miserable. I have been through this myself, and witnessed this many times in the lives of others.

Today, a beautiful thing happened. You see, my best friend has been going through a period of brutal self discovery. He has made so many steps in the right direction, but has not found true happiness in his life. Why? I believe at some level, he became complacent with his circumstances and then slightly too depressed or angry to uproot him self from his surroundings. Today was earth shattering......

Today, my friend said "I am taking control of my life and of my destiny. It is time for change, and I will be the man to create it.....and NOTHING is going to stop me!" So, he started discussing his plan of action to get out of his dead end job, his new found optimism for his bright new future......and I heard door after door just start opening down hallways of his life. I could not have been a happier man today.....and soon, he will see why.

If you have found yourself stuck in a rut, and you are really sick of it, and you really want a better life.....then now is the time for change. You are only as strong as the statements you make to yourself. As another friend of mine said to me the other day in the car "Your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, and your actions become who you are. You are the captain of your own ship."

Pay attention to his words as closely as I have. Take action, and choose your actions wisely. Empower yourself with positivity in speech, thought, and surroundings....and don't make excuses for why you are where you are. I have two words for people who do that: Self accountability. Change is not something that just occurs, it is something that is made. If you want change.....go out and make it. There is no better time than now!
Take care everyone!

See you next time!!!!

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