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Monday, August 3, 2009

The Evolution of Self

Love it or hate it, we as human beings change over the course of a lifetime. I don't know how many times I have heard an old friend of mine say: "What's up with you? You've changed." They've said this to me as if they still expect me to be the boy I was at fifteen when we rode bicycles together. Well, sorry, times have changed....and so have I.

So am I just being an outcast to old friends? Am I just pushing people away? Of course not! They just need to take a little time to get to know me again. If one person has not spent time with another person in 5-10 years, chance are 98% likely that both people have been on amazing journeys of self discovery. While this is a beautiful thing for the development of the self, it is often jarring to the another individual, who has been on a separate journey in what has seemed to be anything BUT a parallel universe. Now....two things can happen when these worlds collide: #1. a former unity will shatter into pieces due to a lack of understanding....and more importantly an absence of desire to create an understanding, or #2. these two individuals will form somewhat of a super-unity, teaching each other about their discoveries and lessons learned, growing and improving along side one another at a pace that breaks even barriers of light, speed and sound(or so it may seem).

Either way, another person's opinion of you and your changes(provided they are positive) are irrelevant. What is important is how you feel about them. In all reality, the evolution of self is what creates wonderful traits in most human beings, traits like: maturity, a healthy sense of humor, compassion, humility, ambition, confidence and many, many more. So whether you are a teenager or a retiree, you have only taken mere steps on your journey....some of you more than others. The evolution of self is a life long process. It only stops when the sand runs as soon as you get done reading this, turn the hourglass over and strive for newfound excellence. Seek the evolution of self! Take care everyone!!!

See you next time!!!


  1. I've been through this. Probably more times than I can count.

    One person has changed the other has not and therefore they clash horribly. Not for lack of trying but they can never seem to rekindle that once great friendship that they used to have. Then again, the person who grew from their life lessons tend to look back and see how they were being used and manipulated the entire time they were friends with said person.

    Sometimes when you're starving for companionship you tend to latch on to people even when they aren't very good for you. But it's all apart of the growing process.

    Thanks for the post. I've opted to follow your blog and see if I can learn anything else about myself.

  2. Hi Vikki, Thank you for responding to this article with such a powerful comment. The human experience is often as heartbreaking as it is fulfilling. Struggles like these make us who we are. They usually change us for the better, even if there is a little bitterness at the beginning of our transition. Ultimately, we find wonderful companionship in others, and more ourselves. Take care!