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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Loyalty, Friendship, and My Brother

This posting is dedicated to the most loyal human being I know : my brother. No matter what happens, he always has your back. He is a friend during good times, and during bad times. He knows the meaning of friendship. He is an inspiration to myself, and to all who surround him. Sometimes I warn him that his tragic flaw is also his greatest trait, but in all is the one quality that separates him from the pack. This is what makes my brother so very special.

Over the years, I have watched so many people discard others in their lives like they were never even there in the first place. I must say that I have been guilty of this type of social wrong doing once or twice myself. Not my brother. I have never seen him just toss someone to the curb or disconnect himself from someone without a formal falling out. With him.....what you see is what you get.

Unfortunately, loyalty and honor are becoming ways of the past. People are stabbing their friends and families in the back left and right these day. Don't believe me? Just turn on any daytime reality talk show. Watch the interviews. Observe the guests. You won't believe what what you see. Maybe you will. Personally, it makes me sick. After having such a great brother who has been so loyal to me, I don't know how some of these other siblings(and friends) can get on national airwaves and just throw each other under the bus. It shows no respect for one another and most respect for oneself. Just the mere fact that my brother has never ratted on anyone, ditched anyone, or sold anyone down the river because they we're not good enough, cool enough, or rich enough, leads me to believe that he not only has the utmost respect for others, but also for himself. Sure he maybe my little brother.....but he sure has taught me a lot.

If you have been guilty of treating your friends poorly, or ditching them all together, take a lesson from my brother. Show loyalty.......earn respect. Treat people like dirt, and you will most likely end up all alone. Friendship is a priviledge. Remember that next time you're about to throw it all away. Maybe your relationship just needs a little tune up..... what do you think? Take care everyone!

See you next time!!!

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