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Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Cold Hard Truth

Facing up to reality is never easy. Sometimes the way that we see ourselves is not always the way that we are percieved by others around us. For instance, we may think that we can sing like Elvis Presley or Carrie Underwood. We may think that we should have a 7 figure salary and stardom tomorrow, but in all reality, we still need a lot of work if before we can ever dream of stepping on stage with the pros.

It is so important to slow down and assess ourselves every once in awhile. If we don't analyze our strengths and weaknesses, and occasionally take other people's opinions and advice to heart, we will end up disillusioned and disappointed time and time again. Facing the cold hard truth is never easy, but it sure is necessary. Trust me....I know.

So where are you at in your life? What do you do best? What is your passion? What are your strenths? What are your weaknesses? What do you need to work on? How do you see yourself and/or your work or talent? How do your friends/fans/audience percieve you? If you can not answer all of these questions with complete ease, you need to take a moment to stop and think about things. Just to warn may be a little painful.........but, this will make you better once you set some goals and face up to the cold hard truth. Best of luck! Take care everyone!

See you next time!!!

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