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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Everything In Moderation

We are living at a pace that kills ladies and gentlemen. We are smoking too many cigarettes, drinking way too much liquor and hitting the pipe just a little too hard. We are working ourselves into the ground. We hardly eat. We barely sleep. We empty our styrofoam cups until they're down to their very last drop. We have lost all sight of the concept of moderation.

If some is good, more is better right? Maybe in some cases, but in most cases the answer is no. Do more of anything than the RDA and that is when you generally start experiencing side effects. The greater the amount of extremes we go to, the more side effects and general reprecussions we encounter. Although in most cases adaption is necessary for survival, you can always adapt to an extremist's world, by going to extremes. You may have a better chance of survival remaining cool, calm, methodical, and calculating instead.

It's time to stop the insanity people. Please examine not only your lives and your actions, but also your motives that lead to your thoughts and actions. Please realize that half of the time, your addictions are all a product of your mindset alone. You are stronger than you think. You just don't know it. step at a time, and everything in moderation. It's all up to you. Take care everyone!

See you next time!!!


  1. How true, I have struggled with nicotene addiction for 15 years and I know I hold the power but those darn little Cancer sticks seem to win and beat every quit attempt. One of these times when I quit it will be for good!

  2. I challenge you to reduce your nicotine consumption starting today. This is not another attempt to quit. Try to reduce the total number of cigarettes a day to three. One upon rising, one after lunch, and one after dinner/before bed. Think you can moderate yourself? I do. If you can get this far, you can always try to quit at a later date. First thing's first. Anyway, I thank you kindly for your comment. I appreciate your contribution to my blog. Take care WonderMommy!!!