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Friday, August 7, 2009

Mourn My Death, Slander My Life

If any of you have been paying attention to the national news over the past several months, it will have been apparent to even the of blindest eyes, that celebrities have been dropping dead by the dozen. This has been an unfortunate trend that has shocked the world in waves. Each time a celebrity dies, the nation gasps aloud in sheer reverance, awe, and horror.

While we are on the topic of trends(and dead celebritites), many of you have probably noticed another common theme: slander. We have taken these people's faces and lives, and plastered them across TV screens, websites and magazine covers, only to tarnish their reputations with disgraceful headlines and articles filled with unfirmed allegations and rumors. We ruin them. We turn them into the laughing stock of our time and of our society, just so we may be entertained for 30 minutes after work, or so we can make a buck at their expense. They are no longer people to us. They are objects. We never stop to think that they once worked at Denny's or PetSmart, MetLife, or Dell.....just like us. They just popped out of the womb and onto a TV screen in our living room devoid of all feelings and emotions. Numb.

Eventually.....they drop dead. All of a sudden, it becomes crystal clear to the masses of ignorant sheep: these were real people. We are witnessing the death of "the immortal" once again. Another wake up call. We have slandered their we must mourn their deaths. Such a pity. Think about what you say and do people. Please. Your actions, and most especially, your words have consequences(read my post "Sticks and Stones" for more on this). It is now up to you to reverse the trend. All that I may ask of you is one thing: Celebrate life.....don't slander it. Take care everyone!!!!

See you next time!!!

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